What's New:

New Guitar 

Here's a quick look at what will be the interior of the new tailpiece dreadnought. 

Indian Rosewood back and sides, reinforced with carbon fiber rods to counteract the force of the tailpiece. 


New Polkas 

Here's a few polkas we wrote while on tour in Derbyshire, England this October titled 'Gas Station Sushi', and 'Whiskey and a Fiddle'.


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Stomp Box

Ever wonder what that thumping is that you hear at Corey's shows?

Wonder no more, it's a ToeKicker stomp box by KOPF Percussion!




Corey is a KOPF sponsored artist, and uses a ToeKicker at most shows on his own and with Poor Man's Gambit.

You can pick one up yourself here: https://www.kopfpercussion.com/acoustic-stompbox/

Upcoming Shows